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Monday, August 3, 2020

State House gardener pleads for his job

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By Omar Bah

A 40-year-old State House gardener is in fear of losing his job after being recently denied entry into his work place, the state house grounds.

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Kebba Saidy of Sukuta told The Standard yesterday: “I have been working at the State house since 2014 as a gardener, but when I reported for work on Thursday I was told by the security officers at the gate that they are instructed by people from the top to stop us from entering and that if our services are needed we will be called back”.
Mr Saidy said this has left him very worried and confused as this could mean a loss of job for him, a father and breadwinner of three.

”I am pleading for clarifications,” he said.
Last night The Standard tried unsuccessfully to locate the right department or head for comments on Mr Saidy’s plight.

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