Sumareh says NPP infighting getting out of control

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By Amadou Jadama

A former State House chief driver and stalwart of the governing National People’s Party has said he is worried that infighting within the party is taking it backwards.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Standard Mansa Sumareh said: “In my observation, members and supporters have been fighting each other in different camps since the national congress and if this trend continues to the local government elections, the  NPP will be seriously affected.”


He averred that in Gambian politics those who sacrificed their lives and properties during a struggle are the ones often ignored in favour of those who were hiding during the struggle when it comes to positions. ”This often leads to anger and division,” he said. 

Ahmad Gitteh

Turning to the affairs of renegade NPP politician Ahmad Gitteh who declared he is running as independent candidate, Sumareh said the case of Gitteh can affect the party in other areas because it is going to encourage and promote breakaways and independent movements.

“Mr Gitteh was the winner of the primaries and every supporter of NPP should condemn the injustice that was meted out to him or it could happen to others in the party and all these problems were caused by the executive members, advisers and ministers who were sending wrong information to the president,” Sumareh said.

 He said he believes that as things stand now, victory in West Coast is between Amadou Gitteh and Yankuba Darboe of the UDP.

Mr Sumareh said he feels disappointed that NPP could not put any other person in KM other than Sports Minister Bakary Badjie.”I cannot understand why a minister should leave his position to contest for mayor when there could be many other people in the party,” he said.