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Supreme Court urges UDP, others to call witnesses today

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By Bruce Asemota

The Supreme Court of The Gambia, presided over by Chief Justice Hassan B Jallow, Justices Cherno S.Jallow, Mam M Sey, Awa Bah and MM Njie, has ordered the parties in the constitutional case involving Madi Ceesay, United Democratic Party against ambassadors Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay, Sheihk Tijan Hydara, Ousman Rambo Jatta and Lamin Bojang and the Attorney General to prepare and call their witnesses to testify before the court today.
Chief Justice Hassan B. Jallow made this pronouncement yesterday after the defendants’ lawyers, Ida Drammeh and Yakaar H Cox, finished cross-examination of Kemo Bojang, a witness called by the plaintiff.
It could be recalled that National Assembly Member, Madi Ceesay and the United Democratic Party are challenging the appointments of ambassadors Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay, Sheihk Tijan Hydara, Ousman Rambo Jatta and Lamin Bojang as principal representatives of The Gambia in Foreign Service as unconstitutional.
The Supreme Court could not take the 2nd witness evidence after the court was informed by lead Counsel Ousainu Darboe that the witness was not available but he however assured the court that he would present the witness at today’s sitting.
The Court therefore informed both plaintiffs and the defendants’ lawyers to call their witnesses today.

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