Suspect walks free after complainant fails to appear


By Binta A Bah

A man accused of stealing walked out of a courtroom as a free man following the prosecution’s plea to have the case withdrawn three months after he appeared in court.

Inspector Sanyang informed the court that neither the complainant nor his brother who helped him caught the suspect are willing to give evidence in court.


“I have called the complainant many times to come testify in this case but he refused. I also contacted his brother who helped him apprehend the accused but they said they do not have the time to come to court,” he said, urging the court to have the case withdrawn.

The magistrate, Dawda Fatty granted his request and the accused was asked to go home.

Dawda Lowe was arraigned at the Bundung Magistrates’ Court on two counts of house breaking and willful demand of a property.