Swag Mansa Kunda drops new vid


By Olimatou Coker

Up and coming outfit, Swag Mansa Kunda, recently released a new video entitled Isha. Mansa Kunda is a group of four start-ups, all citizens of Bakau. The clip Isha was shot by Sheikh Tijan Secka of STS Pictures.
Kay May, Swag’s lead singer told Standard Lite:

“Swag Mansa Kunda was formed in 2013. Before being renamed Swag Mansa Kunda, the [quartet] was called Swag Bengas. In American [parlance], when you hear “bengas”, it means something big. But you know, here in The Gambia, we don’t have to live like Americans. We have to know that this is The Gambia. And we have to represent where we come from and where we are.


That is one reason for the name change.
On the new video, Kay May explains: “The reason why we released this video is because every song has a level it stops at and it is only visuals that can get you to the next level. Due to that, if a song gets to its level, and it is not given a push, it dies and we don’t want that to happen. Visuals as in videos are very important because people will know who is singing the song and if the video is proper and clean everything could become possible.”

Philan, another Swag-ger, chimed in: “This is our first video. We also have two songs and are hoping to release more songs and videos in the future. Right now we don’t have any collaboration songs, we only collaborate during shows. We are about to have a show which is going to be an international show and we will be hosting an international artist on the 14th of this month.
Philan said the group’s last show at Bakau Sinatara’s, was their first collabo with Nobles and that they are hoping to have more collabos with other artistes.