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‘Talib is doing very well in KMC’

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By Amadou Jadama

The spokesperson of activist One Gambia Association, Sulayman Dampha who also speaks for the Serekunda market committee has said mayor Talib Bensouda is doing very well in KMC, transforming the thinking and attitude toward development for all.

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A businessman himself, Dampha also revealed that the innovative drive and dedication in improving the welfare of the inhabitants of KMC is increasingly making Bensouda popular even with those who did not vote for him.

“I am very impressed with Talib’s leadership qualities and his ambition to modernise KMC. If this kind of system had existed before, KMC would have been a different place now,” Dampha added.

The One Gambia PRO also stated that Bensouda’s inclusive policy has attracted admiration even from APRC and other opposition supporters in the region.

“Take this market place as an example, in the past we always encounter shortage of water but since Talib took over he dug boreholes both in the market and the garage.

Now we have water for most of the time we spend here”, he said.

Dampha further called on other mayors, NAMs and Councilors to emulate Talib and his team.

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