The blistered society; the personal panacea


By Muhammed Sidibeh
/The Magnetic Poet

The society pandies us to be grumpy

It yandies us to be dingy


And drums in our ears the rhythm of hanky-panky


The society now embraces people to be randy

Despite it could be sandy

Plunged in vampy


The society frowns at janky

It says modern kinky

Even if you have knees of bandy

So that it can yank you to be in its palace of yummy


They sometimes call you nancy

Even though you are manly

Just to make you softy


But remember, almost all creatures if not all, are created with two eyes

If the society disables one

You ought to able the other one

That one would be handy


If not, if you are all the time moody

You will die mardy

And they will be giggly