The coalition meeting


The coalition leaders will hold a meeting on the 11th April 2019 to review the state of the affairs of the coalition.

This meeting, some will say, is long overdue. But equally, many people will be wondering what such a meeting can achieve at this material time.

The coalition is all but over as most of the parties that were initially part of it when the fight was on to oust Yahya Jammeh, are no longer in government.


The truth is that at the moment, only the National Reconciliation Party and two or three others are still in government. That means that most of the others who are no longer in government might go to the meeting as disgruntled.

The other important issue which many Gambians are eager to know about is the issue of three or five years.

Will the president serve three years as stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or will he serve the full five-year term as stated in the constitution?

Whatever decision is made by the coalition leaders, the Gambian populace will be eager to hear from them.

It is however important that they have decided to meet and discuss as the Gambian people have put a lot of trust in them. They are therefore not expected to betray that trust.

They need to seek to restore the trust that has all but been lost.