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The Faraba incident

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By Muhammad Basiru Gambia
The Legal Hustler

I say it is so painful

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If am quiet, they

say am not merciful

If I say it louder,

some will say am a fool

But they don’t know it

makes me so stressfull,

Oh the Faraba Incident !


The Gambians fight

Their supreme law fight

When sections and subsections fight

In the constitution, right ?


Oh some behave like terrorists,

Terrorizing and straumatizing

our territory called the Gambia

And they say the Gambia

is our homeland

Oh the Faraba Incident!


The Gambia is not

our homeland,

But our bush land

If our homeland turns

to be a battlefield

Oh the Faraba Incident!


They pulled the trigger as they

were triggered by the gunshot

Heard the gunshots shooting

my fellow innocent Gambians

Oh the Faraba incident!


I have seen my fellow citizens

following down on the ground,

Snoring and groaning,

Surrounded by the wailing family

Oh the Faraba incident !


May be our future

leader is eliminated

The transformer of our society,

the teacher is eliminated

The building blocks of our our

country are maimed

Oh the Faraba incident !


I have seen the corpse assembled

at the EFSTH like useless criminal tools

Oh the Faraba Incident !


The perpetrators perpetrate

Bullets penetrate

The protesters retaliate

Stones penetrate

The nation vibrates

The I.G.P abdicates

Let the conscious citizens concentrate

and build a new Gambia

Oh the Faraba Incident !


I wish the government rings

Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone ,

If not Koroma of Sierra Leone

Paul Kagame of Rwanda

If not Kagame of Rwanda

Then Salvakir of South Sudan and

ask the meaning of blood

Oh the Faraba incident!




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