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The Gambia vows to back Morocco’s World Cup 2026 Bid

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By Saddique Shaban,
Banju for CGTN

In an apparent defiance to U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to other African nations to support USA’s World Cup bid in 2026, The Gambia says it will fully support Morocco’s 2026 World Cup bid.
In an exclusive interview with CGTN in the capital Banjul, Gambian Football Federation president Lamin Kaba Bajo says African countries must not be intimidated into abandoning one of their own at this crucial time.
“We will not be apologetic about it. We are not scared to say that we are fully behind the Moroccan bid and when the time comes, we will fulfill our obligations towards that,” Bajo said.

On Monday, during a joint press conference with Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari at the White House, U.S. President Donald Trump asked African countries to endorse the 2026 World Cup bid by U.S.-Canada-Mexico, citing his country’s support to African countries.

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It was the second such time Trump has defied FIFA warning against political influence over bids
“As an African and as very close friend of Morocco in football and at CAF level, we cannot afford to be in any other camp other than the Moroccan camp, which is the the African camp”, Bajo said.
Morocco is the only rival to the joint bid fronted by U.S., Canada and Mexico.

FIFA inspectors are expected to make a second visit to Morocco before compiling a final report that will be presented along the joint bid at the FIFA Council in Moscow on June 6th.
The council will then determine if the bids will proceed to the main vote on June 13th.

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