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The illusion within our institutions: embarking on a path towards excellence

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By Sarja Jarjusey

If one were to consider the passage of time, it becomes evident that its persistence surpasses the mere existence of mankind. In a similar vein, the veracity of this paper cannot be denied. It is presented at a juncture where the presence of highly trained individuals is not the issue at hand. Rather, the challenge lies in integrating them seamlessly into the existing system as Bakary’s inability to conform to the expected norms exemplifies. The matter of this “boy boy” phenomenon warrants its own discussion provided that the ink of my pen does not dry up prematurely.
Undoubtedly, appearances can be deceiving, as what lies beneath the surface often differs from what is readily apparent. This concept is aptly captured by the term “mirage” in the realm of physics, and it perfectly encapsulates the situation in The Gambia, regardless of the specific institution under consideration. The manipulative superiors may attempt to convey the impression that they are aligned with your interests, when in reality, their true intentions are to hinder your ascent to the top. Some may harbor concerns that entrusting certain responsibilities to you would render them inconspicuous. However, such apprehensions are characteristic of average thinkers. Many individuals, including myself, may share similar inquiries as to why, despite the presence of highly trained personnel in the fields of Agriculture and Health, we are yet to witness significant progress.
The answer to the question at hand can be found within oneself. It requires diligent effort and unwavering determination to achieve one’s goals. In order to become a top performer, it is imperative to uphold high standards. This is the reality of an academician’s life. Rather than allowing frustration to hinder their progress, they view it as an opportunity to explore different avenues within the system. Ironically, the very system that has caused their frustration may later lament their departure, wishing they had persevered a little longer.
Life bestows its blessings upon each individual, and although our paths may diverge, they are fundamentally similar. We all share a common bond through the colors of our flag – the Red, White, Blue, and Green. Our ultimate objective is to contribute to the greatness of our nation. It is crucial to disregard any indifference that may arise and remain focused on this goal. By surrounding oneself with high-achieving individuals, one can effectively accomplish the tasks at hand. A leader who boasts and takes credit for the work of others, only to be absent when the work needs to be done, must reflect upon their actions. It is necessary for such individuals to introspect and rectify their behavior.
Furthermore, I would like to draw your attention to the pressing matter at hand. Time is of the essence, and with each departure of a key player to another team, a void is left behind. However, I must assure you that recent developments do not trouble me. It is impossible to discourage an individual who has endured challenging times and is no longer affected by pain. The stakes are high, much like the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which are currently approaching the midpoint. Unfortunately, our targets are in jeopardy, and the world is in dire need of tangible results. Regrettably, these outcomes seem distant from our current reality.
Allow me to shift our focus to the Gambia, where our system is currently being put to the test. It is crucial to evaluate our performance internally. For your information, we have a comprehensive National Development Plan and National Health Policy in place, where every player’s contribution holds significance.
Lastly, I cannot bid you farewell without expressing my concern regarding the weak institutional leadership we are currently grappling with. Even fans of Manchester United would concur with my sentiment. Ten Hag’s unjustifiable blame on injured players for his team’s poor performance serves as a prime example. It is evident that effective leadership and management are indispensable in any endeavor, and unfortunately, this aspect is severely lacking.
In light of these circumstances, I implore you to take action. Let us address these challenges head-on and work towards rectifying the situation. Together, we can overcome these obstacles and pave the way for a brighter future.

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