The perilous journey


By Ousman Drammeh

Oh, Mauritanian Sea

Have you turned to become a red sea?


Why should you drink

The blood of adolescents

Who had never stolen?

Even a saliva of liquid from you

You have shattered and perished

The dreams of innocent families

Wanting to move away from the syndrome

Of nothingness to somethingness

Within the blink of an eye

Through their sons and daughters

Oh, the Ocean Vehicle

You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing

And an enemy of progress

For a futuristic development

Why did you betray our legal contract?

Of sailing our souls

To a greener pasture

Would I ever trust you again?

With the remaining fragile eggs

Of my dearest basket

I say No and no

Because I don’t wanna be

A town crier of my misfortunes

Caused by my negligence and greed

Should I continue selling fish

For my own selfish interest

No is my response!

You have taught me a bitter lesson

That I shall never forget

Throughout my entire life

You have betrayed my trust

Of our long standing friendship

And I have decided to break our contract

Henceforth, I say no to Back Way

“Tekki fi” becomes my slogan now

Because I have divorced back way

Journey mercy to the fallen souls

 *Poet: Dra One*