29.2 C
City of Banjul
Saturday, September 23, 2023

The political gimmicks have begun


Interesting times are ahead of us. With the elections fast approaching, the political gimmicks have begun as we read in newspapers groups of supporters of one party cross carpeting to another. Then there is bound to follow denials and counter denials again!

It will be interesting to observe all these parties scramble for supporters and then convince the others who seem to be on the fringes to join them. In many countries, sometimes these efforts turn acrid and political gymnasts begin to use all kinds of cunning tricks and foul language to win over voters.

It is healthy to have such competition in a multiparty democracy but necessary to keep it simple and civilized as whatever the outcome of any election, the country will remain and the citizens have to continue living in it- with each other.

Thus it would be prudent for the party leaders and their militants to remember that Gambia is our only home and no matter our differences, we should endeavor to keep it peaceful. We pride ourselves on the saying Gambia is the Smiling Coast of Africa and therefore we should do whatever it takes to maintain that smile on the imaginary lip of the nation.

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