The rains and floods


As always, the rains have again begun to unleash ferocious floods in many parts of the country. In the last few days, there have been reports of floods in Banjul, Bakau, Bundung and some other parts of the country.

On many of the highways vehicles could be seen floating, as it were, as the roads were inundated by water which had nowhere to go. Added to that problem, the sewerage system along these roads is poor that all the water comes back to the roads.

In this time of the year, most vehicle owners whose vehicles use petrol are compelled to pack them at home. Whenever water enters the carburetor of vehicles running on petrol, there is a big problem. They get stuck and can’t move an inch.


The markets are not spared either. Water stagnates in many of the markets in the country. This is bad for the hygiene of the country, so to speak. If you visit a market in the rainy season, you may be tempted to stop eating anything that comes from that market.

The government, through the National Disaster Management Agency and the Ministry of Lands and Local Government and the Department of Physical Planning must come together to find ways of solving these problems.

Prevention, it is said, is better than cure!