The State House and weekly meetings


As there are political meetings almost on a weekly basis, many citizens in the country have started asking questions as to whether it is right to hold political rallies at the State House.

Of course the State House will be quick to dismiss claims that these are political rallies but many will take it as such anyway.

It has become a norm to hear how many people attended the meetings to an extent that sometimes they do not even fit in the space provided for the purpose. It is however worrying, according to some, that the president spends more time politicking than he spends working for the nation.


Many citizens say that the president has already started his political campaign in earnest as he was even heard saying that he may go to the polls unopposed in 2021.

It seems that the attendance at these and other rallies has made the president and his inner circle believe that there will be no one who can stand in their way come the next election.

Be that as it may, what Gambians are really concerned about is the fact that their State House has been turned into a political bureau now.

Will the State House bring clarity on this?