Letters: GFF official must stay out of politics



Dear editor,

Senior members of The Gambia Football Association (GFA) should stay out of politics and refrain from being affiliated with any political movement or party, less they want to politicise sports in The Gambia.


Football aims to unite a nation not divide it along political opinions! A word for the wise is sufficient!!

Yanks Dabo



Message to Barrow Youth
Movement (BMY)

Dear editor,

You’re participating in dumbing down the Gambian people. Your campaign to build mosques all around the country is not helping national development.

On the contrary, you’re wasting precious and scarce resources into an endeavor, which, rather than help citizens live decent lives, is impoverising them.

If the BYM is interested in national development, as they say, I suggest the finances they use in building mosques, in each village in each district, be used to build one functioning health center for each district. Nowhere on this planet is building mosques regarded as national development.

In national development, you should embark on such projects; health centers, school, ambulances, etc, all of which empower citizens to live well, free from hunger and diseases. The idea of national development is to make life better for citizens.

The mosques you’re building are not designed to help citizens live better, but to constantly; every second, every minute, & every hour of every day, remind citizens of dying. That is a terrible way to live, especially, since this is the only life human beings will ever know.

Mathew K. Jallow