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The Weeping of Mama Africa

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Oh my children, the beloved children of Africa, 

I mama Africa I am not the least happy with what I am seeing

War, famine, poverty and migration.

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I gave you the gifts of nature

Land, huge and fertile

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Abundant resources and talents

To utilise and become developed

But where are you, my children to tend our fauna and flora.


You refuse to till the land where you belong

But your sweat now waters the fields in countries far away.

You’ve migrated and left the gates open to intruders

Who have emptied the wells once full of diamonds, gold and silver

Just like their ancestors who took away our strong ones for their good.


They have chained our neck to control our thinking

They have chained our waist to control our movement

They have chained our feet to control our destiny

They poisoned our minds

And created mistrust, hatred, jealousy and division among us.


My children where are you to defend our borders, 

regions, continent and integrity?

Remember Africa must be liberated by the Africans

We are the masters of our own destiny.


It pains me when I see my sons and daughters

Shooting, killing, butchering and slaughtering their fellow Africans.


Sons and daughters of Africa put down the weapons

Stop the fighting based on religion, tribe and ethnicity

Let us create a strong neighbourhood

Let us cement regional integration

Which will pave the way for the unity of Africa.


Let us say no to outside dictatorship

Let us say no to outside Imposture

Let us say no to outside Interference

And collectively, let us work with respect and dignity.

Remember being black does not mean backwardness

Neither does being poor mean powerless.


My children, day and night I weep for 

the lost and lonely in a foreign land

Those too ashamed to return home

I weep for those who have been swallowed up by the waves

Those buried in the wilderness 

before reaching the so called promise land

Breathing their last breathe with no final rites administered

And no head stones to mark their places of rest

Where they are and who they are no one will ever know.


Sons and daughters outside the boundaries of your origin

I yearn for your return, come home

your mama beckons you, your mama loves you

Come, let us build an African free from tears and fears

An Africa where no-one dies of starvation or bullet wounds

An Africa where no one goes to bed hungry

Come and join your brothers and sisters develop the continent

For the harvest is in excess while the labourers are few.


We can attain our dreams, visions and mission

If we Africans be our brothers and sisters keepers

People of Africa, the black race of our universe

The development, peace and progress of Africa

Depends on its leaders and its very own people

We can do it, let’s do it today for tomorrow might be too late.


Long live Senegambia integration

Long live Ecowas

Long live African Unity


God bless Africa, great heroes of Africa we salute you.


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