Today at the Super Nawettan


Bruised and jolted Brufut return to action this evening with a new set of technicians led by care- taker coach Alieu Sanneh (Panjack) heavily laden with pressure to put the zone’s campaign back on track after Monday’s disappointing opener against Lamin. The new technicians are almost certainly going to tinker with the opening line-up or keep certain players on the pitch longer than was the case in the opening match. Their opponents are the City Boys, Banjul, who are yet to taste neither win no defeat following a goalless draw against Serekunda West on Sunday.

The defending champions are up against Serekunda Central again to be played at Serekunda West Park.

Coach Abou Sallah of SK West has vowed to set his campaign in motion and is hoping to make early moves towards that with first three points this evening. Again, unless the least-fancied and inexperienced boys of the Mboyo Field pull a surprise, the champions will feel secure at home again.


The match expected to produce the most fireworks is the duel between Lamin and Manjai. Only the alphabet separates the two sides in the group standings both having 2-0 victories in their opening matches. Last year, Manjai almost had a perfect progress to the knockout stages and will aspire to repeat that feat. The opposition however has all the armory to spoil the home excitement for the Manjai fans today. Lamin are keen to prove that the victory over Brufut was no fluke and a win over Manjai this evening will send them to Cloud 7.  The word is that Coach Sang Mendy has the luxury of a rich bench. “Lamin versus Manjai is the final of this group!” a Super Nawettan follower summed up the fixture yesterday.