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Trade minister embarks on tour of MA Kharafi farms

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The visit to the over 40 hectares onion farm was in line with ongoing national efforts to promote food self-sufficiency through greater local crop production.    

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Abdou Jobe told the journalists at the farm: “I want to thank the president for having the vision which is Vision 2016 and developing this strategy to move away from subsistence farming to commercial farming and providing the enabling environment. It is a clear manifestation here that these farms are producing these two essential crops which are potatoes and onions. We have seen that it will create employment and help the country save foreign exchange which is very vital. It also builds on capacities for other people to be able to emulate and replicate this development.  As far as we are concerned, as Gambians, we have to try to buy things that are made or produced in The Gambia. That is what would elevate us as a country to move forward.” 

In his statement, Muhammed Nagaty, the West Africa area manager for MA Kharafi and Sons Company said the farms are meant to complement the national food self-sufficiency drive. He stated that the government has given the company all the support that it needs to embark on more production of crops at the farms especially onions and potatoes. 

He added:  “We are receiving the president and his government’s support every year. The government is establishing a task force committee from different ministries such as trade, finance, and other institutions like Giepa, Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Gambia Revenue Authority to regulate. The protection measure that has been put in place is helping us a lot. These two farms are in line with the president’s policy of food self-sufficiency for The Gambia and it is some sort of liberty.” 


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