Tribal politics


It is said that the beauty of a garden lies in the diversity of its flowers. When there are different varieties of flowers in a garden, it adds to its appeal and it will be blissful to behold.

Similarly, the fact that The Gambia has people of different ethnic and tribal backgrounds makes it more beautiful and this can be harnessed for the betterment of all. When all citizens come together and see each other as Gambians first, then the nation can make good use of the differences to bring about development.

In The Gambia, the different ethnic groups have lived together side by side for ages and there have never been any problems amongst the people. Of late however, the politics of tribes and ethnic affiliations has been creeping in and causing a lot of disquiet in the country.


In order to develop this country and make it a place to be proud of, citizens need to do away with the ethnic and tribal politics. The Gambia belongs to all Gambians and everyone has equal share in it. That is what matters more than any other thing.

To stem the tide of tribal politics, there is a need to put all hands on deck and ensure that the citizens see the country first before any other thing. For that to happen, the leadership of politicians and other leaders is indispensible.

It is no secret that there cannot be any development without peace and security. Peace cannot be attained if people are adamant in thinking, talking and brandishing their tribal traits and saying how they are better than others. Let us focus on the country and have one aim which is to see a better and more prosperous Gambia.