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By Mafugi Ceesay

Lawyer Ibrahima Jallow has declared that politicians nowadays orchestrate tribal sentiments among Gambians for their political goal.
He said it was therefore important that president Barrow dedicated the first paragraph of his Independence Day speech against the evils of disunity, tribalism and nepotism.
Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Lawyer Jallow said it seems disgruntled politicians are succeeding in their plots to disunite Gambians along tribal lines, and many Gambians are being hypnotized by these disgruntled politicians.

“The lives of these so-called politicians reflect maniacal greed for leadership, manifesting selfishness and insensitivity,” Lawyer Jallow said.
He further charged that the action of these politicians run at cross-purpose with their preachment of nationalism and many Gambians are disappointed particularly, when they use their offices to undermine and sabotage the development agenda of the government they supposed to serve.

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He further disclosed that whereas the change mantra of President Barrow hinges on the acclaimed fight to restore democracy, rule of law to protect human rights and fight corruption, some people are in government to abuse and misuse these same objectives.
“It is saddening when professionals are oiling the wheels of decadence by maintaining curious fraternal jingoism to favour an individual political agenda at the expense of The Gambia which is bigger than anyone person’s ambition.”

Lawyer Jallow therefore said the Independence Day speech of Barrow calling on Gambians to exercise patience and be patriotic is apt and important for the progress of the country.
“True progress comes in degrees and so far the Gambia has made remarkable progress under the leadership of President Barrow despite the many challenges and great obstacles encountered. I have no doubt that there would be no debate about him deserving a second term to enable him to successfully deliver his promises to The Gambia,” Jallow said.
The lawyer said Gambians must abandon tribal lamentations and rhetoric for nationalism and action.

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