Turkish company wants to operate private ferry service


By Omar Bah

Following the publication by The Standard of a Turkish company’s application to operate ferries on the Banjul-Barra crossing points, the PS at the ministry of works Mod Ceesay has clarified that the Turkish company now wants to operate a private service.

The ministry of works reportedly wanted to sign a joint venture agreement for the management and operation of ferries with the Turkish company.


The agreement would have included downsizing all the departments at the ferry services as well as sending all those who turned 40 years and above to voluntary retirement.

However, that plan has been abandoned and the Turkish company, Negmar Shipping Investment Corporation, has now applied to operate a private ferry service.

The application is currently under review by the Gambia Maritime Administration. The Gambia Ferry Services management is reportedly unhappy with the plan to license a foreign company that has more capacity than Banjul ferries.