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UDP promises zero tolerance for tribalism, religious discrimination

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UDP leader Ousainu Darboe has said that the elections in December will usher in a UDP government that will ensure zero tolerance for tribal, ethnic and religious division or regionalism.

In his independence anniversary message delivered yesterday, Mr Darboe said: “There is no Mandinka Gambia; there is no Fula Gambia; there is no Wolof Gambia; there is no Jola Gambia. There is no Kombo Gambia; there is no Baddibu Gambia; there is no Foni Gambia. There is no Muslim Gambia; there is no Christian Gambia or Ahmadiyya Gambia; there is only one Gambia.

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“Tribalism has no place in our society and we should never allow anyone to use tribalism and draw religious boundaries in our country and our communities.  Such dangerous messages are a recipe for disaster and we should expose those who use such divisiveness for their personal gains. Is there any Gambian who does not have relationships across all ethnic groups? We all have brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunties and cousins who are of other ethnicities.  This is what The Gambia is made of and it will continue to be its DNA.

“Our priority as a nation is to put our efforts and energy on creating a conducive environment for our people; especially the youths to thrive.  Our priority should focus on ensuring that every Gambian child receives quality education and is equipped with the necessary skill sets to live to their full potentials and be able to fend for themselves and their family after their schooling.  Our priority should be to ensure that the average Gambian lives in dignity and is able to put food on the table and feed their family; that we are able to eat healthy and nutritious foods; that food security and agriculture thrives in this country – not just for local consumption but as a viable business venture where farmers are well equipped with the necessary tools and opportunities to farm in the 21st century.  “Our priority should focus on ensuring that every health centre and hospital is fully equipped to serve each and every one of us irrespective of one’s social status. That our health professionals are equipped and motivated to serve us ethically and with professionalism as they should; that we do away with the water and energy curse that has haunted this country for almost 50 years and that we are able to fully engage in this global village with reliable and affordable Internet connectivity and other 21st century amenities that the rest of the world take for granted,” he preached.

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