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Karamo Jadama, the regional chairman of the United Democratic Party in NBR, has countered remarks made by Hamat Bah of the National Reconciliation Party, who is also the minister of tourism during the ongoing Presidential Meet the People’s Tour.

While addressing meetings in Nuimi and the Badibbus, Hamat Bah reportedly said that no single tribe should make themselves as the majority tribe that owns the country. He singled out the Mandinkas and the people of Baddibu, whom he accused of even refusing to accommodate the President Barrow Movement for National Development when an attempt was made to open an office there.

Mr Bah is said to have repeated the same message at other meetings.
However the minister’s message did not go down well with the UDP regional chairman, Karamo Jadama who while addressing a meeting in Farafenni, admonished minister Bah against naming tribes in his message.
“It is not ethical for a state minister on presidential tour to profile tribes. This is what former president Yahya Jammeh did in 2015 and 2016 and we all know what his fate became. So I would advise Mr Bah to stop naming tribes and direct his message to Gambians,” Mr Jadama said at the rally.

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