Why do Nawec cash-power units run so fast now?


People in many parts of the country are decrying the speed at which the cash power sold by NAWEC to consumers goes. When one buys an amount and loads it, in a relatively short time it’s gone.

One wonders why NAWEC will need to make electricity so expensive that many Gambians may not be able to afford it. One would have thought that being a government parastatal, the body will endeavor to make the cost of their services – electricity and water – as affordable as possible.

Electricity is a basic need and the engine of growth in our modern society. Thus, we do not only need regular supply of electricity; but an affordable one as well.


Many businesses in the country cannot make profit and may have to close down due to the very high cost of electricity. This will not be good for our economy as it will affect many economic activities.

There is a debate as to whether buying cash power through the services offered by GSM operators is more economical than buying directly from NAWEC. But this should not matter at all. Inasmuch as the convenience the GSM operators offer in this regard is appreciated, the cost need not be higher. They should understand that most Gambians are poor and as such keep that in mind when pricing.
PURA should look into this with a view to finding solutions!