UK-based charity donates to Gambian schools


By Saidou Baldeh

A United Kingdom based charitable organisation, Empower The Gambia, has donated food items among host of other valuable materials to various schools, health centers, women gardens, poultry centers and milling machines around the country.

The donation is facilitated by Joanna Heaven, the head of the charity’s chapter in the United Kingdom. The beneficiaries include schools in Njabou, Mansakonko, Bansang, Daru, Jorren, Kerewan, Chajel, Degery Kunda and Sara Kunda health center. The charity has also built libraries in many schools in CRR and URR.


The charity secures about £4635.50 which was used to upgrade the solar system at Sinchu Njabo school, purchase a new engine for the charity’s minibus and cover the shortfall in sponsorship and distribution of 30 sacks of rice to the Sara Kunda sponsor children.

The coordinator of the charity’s Banjul chapter, Yerro Jallow said the charity has been existing since 2012 but little was heard about the organisation. He said in each of the schools they are also sponsoring at least 30 pupils.

“We distributed about 100 bags of rice and other goodies in all these schools. The school and our sponsored children all benefitted from the donation,” he said.

He said the charitable organisation is committed to continue helping schools in the country.

The charity is an empowerment project operating in rural Gambia for women and children. It raises funds through The Emporium of Loveliness charity boutiques, donations, tithes, sponsorship and fundraising events.

Its vision is to link individuals, organisations and charities together to benefit the communities of rural Gambia through education, training and empowerment.