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VP Badara Alieu Joof – words for the conscience of a nation – “Getting it right”

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January is a month to be remembered in the history of the Gambia. The nation twice had a state funeral and a day of grief – the burial of two personalities that have left unforgettable legacies – in service and in deed.

Death is a reminder for the living of what is the purpose of life. It also unravels the character and the legacy of a person who is well-known in society and provides a sample of how life is lived – in selflessness, character and for society and humanity.

Death may be likened to a darkness of a loss of a loved one, a friend, a good citizen and a series of other good relationships.

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As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Only in the darkness can you see the stars”.

People are remembered for their deeds and/or pronouncements that make them the star in the darkness of a loss. VP Badara indeed left that legacy that shines in his moment of loss to the nation.

The various tributes to VP Badara Alieu Joof echo the character in him as humble, honest, erudite and compassionate. He has left a legacy in various ways. For the nation, his words indeed stand out and should be a guide for the national conscience.

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“It is right to do what is right to get it right”

The national conscience must be able to diligently endeavor and to persistently practice this concept that is filled with the virtues of service in honesty, diligence and compassion, in order to live and sustain it.

As a matter of fact: –

‘The time is always right to do what is right’ – Martin Luther Jr.

(And in expressing relevance – doing and getting it right should begin “yesterday”).

This mantra, combined with the legacy left by Solo Sandeng in the concept of “Never Again”, is an ultimate height of morality for the nation that is bequeathed by the blood of Ebrima Solo Sandeng and the service of Badara Alieu Joof.

Morality goes beyond what is being done in one’s life. It encompasses what ought to be done (rightly) – that’s the eternal and inalienable obligation of service to a nation by its leaders and its institutions.

May their souls rest in peace. May their enduring words and sacrifices be the constant harbinger of peace, freedom and justice for the nation and be a lighthouse for the national conscience.

Just thinking aloud.

Lamino Lang Coma


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