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VP Darboe says social media ‘destroying’ Gambia

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By Omar Bah

The Vice President and Minister of Women’s Affairs, Ousainu Darboe has expressed concern about possibilities of social media ‘destroying’ the country.
He said social media has been used into good effect during the struggle against Jammeh but today it is destroying the country.

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“…we will not accept social media to be an agent of destruction in this country, because social media should build the country and not to destroy it,” Darboe said, while addressing the President’s Meet the People Tour rally in Banjul last Friday.

According to Mr Darboe, people should use social media to ignite constructive debates and avoid using the medium to incite people to do things that they are not supposed to do “because if we do that we will be abusing freedom of expression.”
Speaking further, the UDP leader said there is freedom for people to say whatever they want to say, “but we should not run our freedom in a way that would bring instability in the country.
“If you speak against anything that is not right that would help the country but if you tell lies against someone and claim that is freedom of expression that is not accepted in any democracy,” he stated.
VP Darboe also took time to announce that this week his ministry will inaugurate the national women’s council.

He also praised the political tolerance in the country, saying the attendance of both independent and Coalition councilors in the meeting signifies a Gambia that every genuine Gambian should be proud of, under the leadership of President Adama Barrow.
“But all this can happen because President Barrow is not asking people what colors do they put on like the former president used to do,” he said.
Darboe said the Barrow-led administration is on track towards meeting the promises they made to Gambians during the presidential campaign.

“Few among those promises are the significant improvement in the provision of electricity, formation of the human rights commission and the overhaul of the constitution,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Lands and Regional Government Musa Drammeh has announced a new disposal site in Sanyang to relocate the Banjul, KMC and Brikama Area councils’ dumpsites.

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