Vypa to release EP soon


Fast rising hip-hop entertainer-Vypa has announced the official release of his much anticipated Extended Play (EP) slated for August 27th 2018.
Born Amadou Secka, Vypa launched his musical career in 2006 and since then he is showing no sign of slowing down.

”My latest effort was the release of my ‘Underrated mixtape” on 17 June 2018. I also have an EP slated for August 27th 2018 and an Album to be released December 27. The album is something that will prove these points once again,” he informed Standard Lite recently.
Starting out with a group called the Hood Hustlers he formed together with a couple of friends, he went on to release his much anticipated CD compilation titled Voices of the Ghetto a year later.

It could be recalled, Vypa earlier on released two other promo singles titled ‘Young Nikka” and ‘The Anthem (Nyun la)” later remixing the ‘The anthem (Nyunla) ft. Fata” with an accompanying video.
This move has enabled him to gain another big hit song locally, which is garnering rotation in Senegal and internationally. The anthem video also made it to number two on the top ten list on Sound City, one of Nigeria’s biggest music TV channels.
Vypa’s music these past years has witnessed remarkable growth, ability, flow and delivery.