Big Sey set for new album


From the start of 2018, Big Sey has embarked on several projects and there is definitely no stopping in sight as the demand for the Beurselfmusic boss remains high.
Recently, the UK-based star announces the forthcoming release of his new album, which is expected to hit the market soon.

“The project is part of a reconstruction for my album release which is due later this year. I released my first video on 30th June, which is part of the album promo, and I’ve got a couple more. The next one is due in few weeks and I recommend everyone to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe for the new videos to be the first to see them as they come out fresh”, he told Standard Lite on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, the afro-beat cum pop star, is also preparing to co-headline with couple of international acts at the Birmingham Cultural Weekend slated for 27, 28 and 29 July 2018.

“I’m also doing a family day out beach event with Marvin Promotions UK. We will announce the release dates for the UK launching before the end of this month”.
Big Sey, who burst onto the scene with the release of his much hit song- ‘Bayil bugal luyomba’, in which he denounced slackness among Gambian youths, has been consistently maintaining his popularity among music fans.
With his solid performance style and fan base, he is one of most sought-after Gambian artistes of recent times.