What is politics?


Is politics war an enmity? Does politics call for hatred and bigotry? Can politics be civil and decent? These are questions which all Gambians who are interested in the welfare of the nation should ask themselves and seek answers. This is imperative if we wish to attain progress in/and peace. The operative word in our body polity should be tolerance.


Since the so much desired and anticipated ‘New Gambia’ began, there has been a cancerous discourse of politics in the Gambia, particularly on social media. The discourse among the supporters of the various political parties has not been as civil and mature as it should. People are intolerant and have a proclivity of using foul language against anyone who differs in opinion with them. This is not right.



Politics is not enmity. It is the intense desire of individual members of a country to see that their country attains the highest level of development. Thus each individual – in his own opinion – seeks to make efforts to put the ‘best’ person in office of responsibility. Oftentimes, due to their enthusiasm to proffer their views or opinions, folks tend to forget that others equally have a right to a different opinion. As such, they vehemently oppose such views, and sometimes without civility.


The beauty of a garden, it is said, lies in the variety of flowers. Similarly, different ideas and opinions when put together form a good democracy which ultimately brings development to a country. When people are tolerant and accommodating of different opinions, they can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. As such the issue of being rude or unruly can be avoided.


The bottom line is that, we all have one aim, one destination, and one objective: a better and more prosperous Gambia. Let us use civil and courteous language in our political discourse. That is how we will move forward!