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What’s wrong with Gambians?

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Dear editor,
Leaving the telecom industry into the hands of few will just being a cartel-like in the sector. These are government parastatal companies if managed well will benefit both Gambians and the government, especially competing and bringing prices down for ordinary citizens. What these Parastatals lack is a professional management system, just like many other places of work in the Gambia.

Good countries/societies don’t sell their national assets.
European countries that have the best and most advanced standard of living do all maintain their national assets.

The Swedish, German, Norwagian, and Danish etc governments owns hundreds of companies, shares and wealth that no politician will ever talk of privatising.

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These companies and taxes are what give them the best welfare standards and development in the world. This is what Africa must emulate.

Unlike the UK and the US which privatises all national assets and have nothing left for government earnings apart from taxes and exporting arms. When people are out of work like recessions, then it’s all crisis, no money.

The debate in the UK now and today is about nationalising the water, energy and railway sectors. These are sectors that Thatcher sold/privatised in the 80s and are not working for ordinary people. It’s all about hiking prices and maximising profits for their share holders and other few.

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Gambia has a huge problem with the educated, especially from the USA. Instead of thinking smart and come up with ideas good for the country, No, No, No, they want to copy and paste the American economic system for the Gambia. It’s a huge problem when you are not trained to think for yourself.

There is nothing we could and want to learn from the US, instead let’s see how Europeans are doing. A decent, all inclusive and civilised advanced way of living.
Both the US and the UK, are so corrupt, huge gaps between the rich and poor, bad welfare system etc. I don’t think we want these in the Gambia. And both of these countries also have the worst health care systems for their citizens.

Another bad example is Nyang Njie, who calls himself an economist, want to copy and past everything form the US to the Gambia. I cringe anytime I listen to him, crowding our people with jargons and systems we didn’t need.

Capable leaders can manage these parastatals. Selling these assets will just weaken government, create exorbitant prices for normal people and create few extremely rich people in the expense of the rest.
No to privatisation, please!

Saul Jawara

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