WHO rep champions zero tolerance on new HIV infections


She made this assessment Tuesday during the presentation of food and nutrition guidelines to People Living with HIV and TB. The largess also includes eight laptops and eight coloured printers to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. 

She stated: “The material is meant to complement the gains achieved and to ensure that together we achieve zero new HIV infections. Proper food and nutrition are essential and it keeps people living with HIV healthy, as well as gives them a chance to live longer and enhances the effectiveness of their treatment. WFP recognises that caring for the patients is crucial as it greatly enhances capacities and availability of equipment.

“In the spirit of capacity building, WFP has provided 8 laptops and 8 multi-purpose coloured printers to the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare. In 2015 the WFP will continue to advocate for resources with the aim of strengthening the National Response to HIV and AIDS. The support will focus primarily on the integration of food and nutrition into health programmes. The assistance is an essential part of any comprehensive treatment and care package. The manual will be helpful in enabling a harmonised approach to addressing the needs of people living with the virus and TB patients”


The minister of Health and Social Welfare, Omar Sey extolled WFP for meeting its commitments in regard to the Memorandum of Understanding it has signed with the Government of  The Gambia, he maintained:

“The WFP is on track and that the manual is home-based, geared towards complementing the efforts of the government. The guidelines are in line with the nutrition policy”.