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‘I will not go independent even if I lose UDP ticket’

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By Omar Bah

Mohamadou Musa Njie, alias Papa Njie, who is vying for the upcoming Mayoral seat for KMC, has said that even if he happens to lose the preliminaries and the UDP selects someone else, he will not go independent.
“I am extremely confident that I will be selected as the United Democratic Party candidate for the mayoral seat in KMC. But if I am not elected and the party happens to select a capable candidate, I will not run under independent ticket,” he told Paradise FM yesterday.

This, he added, is because the only thing that can force one to go on independent is when the majority wants that individual to do so.
“But I believe the UDP executive will elect the right candidate who has the support, trust and someone who can develop KMC. This is why I say I believe I will be selected because I have all it takes to be elected,” he said.

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Njie, who claimed to have 24-year work experience under his career belt, added that he is not only experienced but has been helping people.
“Wherever I go, I to tell them whosoever they want to elect they should ask themselves what that individual has done for them and the country in the past. KMC is not a small municipality that one can take for granted. KMC cannot afford someone who will just come and give it a try,” he said.

He said the party executive has already introduced them to the selection process, “In the first round they invited us and I can confirm to you that I have tendered my documents already.”
On whether he will support any candidate chosen by the executive, Mr Njie said that will depend on the way and manner the selection was done and the qualification of that individual.

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