Witness recounts seeing Solo Sandeng collapse at NIA


By Baba Sillah

Another prosecution witness, one Omar Bojang, a former director of technical service at the NIA, currently the agency’s director of West Coast Region, was called to testify in the trial of the NIA 9 yesterday.
In his evidence, Mr Bojang said it was in April last year when he went to the office of his former boss, Yankuba Badgie and heard crying in the room and asked his boss about it.

According to him, Mr Badgie told him they were opposition UDP supporters after which he advised him not to keep them there, as they are politicians.
He continued: “Later Yankuba Badgie demanded from one of the UDP militants to come who I later knew to be Solo Sandeng but he fell down before Yankuba could talk to him.


“Yankuba Badgie then asked them to take Solo to a room where there is a fan as he might have fainted.”
The witness said he has no knowledge in first aid as he is neither a doctor nor a nurse and cannot know if a fan can revive a fainted person.
He concluded that he was just trying to save his boss that was the reason why he advised him not to keep those UDP protesters.

Meanwhile, Dawda Ndure, the first prosecution witness continued his testimony with a strong denial that he himself took part in the killing of Solo Sandeng. Crossed-examined by defence Lawyer Moses Richard Johnson, the witness who is also an Intelligence officer denied ever taking part in the killing himself.

The defence lawyer asked him if as the only one cautioned and charged and who later had his charges dropped, he is not being used to incriminate the accused persons, but Ndure maintained his innocence.
The state witness further revealed that it was not his intention to attend the burial in Tanji but because the vehicle they were all travelling on passed through Tanji, he had no option at that time of the night and could not stay in the vehicle for too long because of the condition of the vehicle.

He maintained that it was Tamba Mansary who brought Solo Sandeng to his office but he did not know the rank of Mr Mansary.
Hearing resumes today.