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Giving testimony at the Brikama Magistrates Court yesterday before Principal Magistrate Omar Cham, the witness, a badge messenger said at about 10pm on Monday he was summoned by the chief and dispatched to Darsilameh to relay the president’s message.  

He said upon delivering the message, the village alkalo escorted him to the imam where he relayed the same message. He said the caliph who doubles as the imam Muhideen Hydara, told him he heard the news on the radio.

However, at that point, the defence council, Lamin Camara, objected to the question saying it was hearsay and as a result it was absolutely inadmissible. 

But the police prosecutor, Chief Inspector Camara countered that it was not hear say as the imam said he heard the message on the radio. 

Continuing with his evidence, Seedy Gibba said: “The imam told me that he was sick and told me to go to his talibé (disciple). When we went to the talibé, I told him that I was sent by the chief that the government said if anyone refuses to pray on Monday, they should not pray on Tuesday. The talibé asked me whether I listened to the radio. I told him when they started the news, I turned off my radio as that was the time the chief called me. The talibé told me that what he heard on the radio was that Foni was not part of the [order not to pray on Tuesday]. I told him [the order was] from Kalagi to Kartong; that nobody should pray on Tuesday. I then called the chief on the phone and explained what they said. The chief told me to go back on Tuesday morning to find out whether they were praying. I arrived there 10.45am and waited. I saw people going to the praying ground. They started praying. I called the chief and the chief told me to return home.”

Prosecutor Camara asked the witness whether he recognised anybody to which   he replied: “Yes, I recognised the alkalo, Wuyeh Kuyateh and Anfaal Touray.  

Asked who led the prayer, he said Muhideen Hydara. On what he did after delivering the message to the chief, he said, he was called to Kanfenda Police Station and asked to give a witness statement.

He was then briefly cross-examined by Lawyer Camara. The matter was then adjourned to November 6.


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