Young Scorpions draw Senegal


Without the services of first leg and Monrovia hero Bakary Daffeh, Ali Sowe and other overseas players Manneh unleashed a no less formidable side, reinforced with the introduction of Bubacar Trawalley, who marshalled a strong second half for the young Scorpions but this first serious international performance before the home fans failed short of producing the ecstasy, much needed for the confidence of the fans who are hoping to be with this team all the way to Dakar in 2015.

Senegal was disciplined and created a few scary movements, but without a killer instinctive marksman  in Joseph Koto’s squad, the veteran Lion left the stadium, admitting he has work to do  before he host Africa in about year’s time.  

“It was not a bad match. Though no goals came, we have seen that the boys are now getting used to engaging opponents with confidence. They did not show any nervousness in this match. They simply failed to score but they have every determination to stand up against any team. That is encouraging,” said the former international, at full time.



By Lamin Cham