Youth chairman calls on gov’t to nominate youth rep


By Juldeh Njie

Chairperson of the National Youth Council, Dembo Kambi, has called on the government to nominate a young person that would represent them at the National Assembly.
The youth chairperson made these remarks during the International Youth Day celebration in Bulock organized by GYIN Gambia in collaboration Kapongha Youth Development Association with the theme ‘stand 4peace’.
He said in order for a country to develop young people, who are the agents of change and peace builders, should be inclusive in all sectors of development.

He said young people have fought for change and as such government should allow them to spearhead their country.
He also took the opportunity to remind young people their role in peace building and without it there would not be any development. “Peace is fundamental in our lives so, let’s nurture and manifest it in our daily dealing”.
“The national theme for the 2017 international youth day focuses on youth building peace and delivering an inclusive new Gambia characterized with launching ‘I stand for peace’. We want every young person to stand for peace,” he said.


He said as agents of change young people are critical actors in conflict prevention, sustaining peace and the day is dedicated to celebrating the young people’s contribution to peace prevention, transmission as well as inclusion and social justice.
He urged the youngsters to focus on nation building and should not allow politics to divide them.
“I call on every young person to champion the course of development, national peace and reconciliation efforts of the government of President Adama Barrow”

Momodou Edrisa Njie, GYIN executive director said development is a process which starts from the grassroot.
Junkung Camara, Sefo, said he is happy that young people are not into violence but are focusing on the development of their communities. He encouraged them to keep up the momentum.
Meanwhile, the event witnessed the inauguration of the market which was built by the youngsters of Bulock and also a tree planting exercise of about 300 seedlings

Halimatou Colley said they’ve realized that their women are facing so many challenges accessing the market, making it very difficult for the people of Kapongha to access some of the commodities that they want to buy.
She applauded GYIN for the support in the provision of a market for their women. “It’s not up to standard but at least our women can have a place to sell their vegetables.”