Youth politicians mobilised to unify nation after election

Youth politicians mobilised to unify nation after election


By Olimatou Coker

Youth representative from different political parties last week gathered in Sukuta as part of a process to reunite the country after a heated political tension in the past election.

The initiative, called the Inter–Party brunch, took a form of an evening barbecue where representatives from diverse backgrounds and political orientations had a chat on national unification to quench down the political heat from the election as well as embrace national building.


Organised by Abubacarr Darboe, managing director of BB Consultancy, the meeting was attended by Kemeseng Sanneh of  PDOIS, Muhamed Jallow of  NPP, Ismaila Fadera of UDP, Habibatu Barry of GDC, Mustapha Gassama of GMC and Babucarr Jeng, representing an independent candidate among others.

At the gathering, the youth politicians shared the stage and took turns to speak in a harmonious debate over crucial matters, including the need to engage their various youth wings and communities to enlighten them about the importance of politics and its limitations.

The initiator BB Darboe commented: “I live in a community of different ethnic groups including Sarahules, Jolas, Fulas, Serere, Mandinkas etc. I realised that after the election, the social interactions between these people are dwindling and people are beginning to be suspicious of each other. Even among my friends or work places, you can see a social gap developing and if this is not tackled amongst the youths, the future generation will live in darkness. The politicians have contributed to the massive division in the population thanks to their campaign rhetoric and messages.”

Mr Darboe further advised the youths to engage in meaningful political activities and stay away from bad talk.   He said he will encourage the youths to support the president of the day and always find a balance between constructive criticism and hate. “Do not personalise politics and everyone can belong to a party and still all can share national interest or agenda,” he said. The event was attended by prominent citizens including international real estate entrepreneur Mr. Mustapha Njie of Taf Global who made a motivational closing remark with an advice for the youths to focus on meaningful activities.