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Unimpeachable sources close to Senegalese intelligence and the Interpol office in Dakar have refuted statements on the social media that former first lady Zineb Jammeh was in Dakar and held meetings with Gambian businessmen Amadou Samba and Samuel Sarr.

The highly ranked source who asked for anonymity said: “This story is completely false. In fact, our records show that she has not been to Senegal for at least two years. If she steps her feet in Senegal, I’d be one of the first to know. This is not true at all. There are no records at any of our border entry ports of Zineb Jammeh entering Senegal. Period. We have informed the Interpol office in Banjul. You can confirm from them.”

Earlier yesterday, Sidi Sanneh, a former Jammeh minister who turned arch opponent after his sacking, broke news on his blog that the Senegalese authorities had arrested both Mr Samba and Mr Sarr.
However, when contacted on their phones in Dakar, both men laughed off the report. Mr Samba said the news was “incredulous” while Mr Sarr said: “I am in my office right now as I am speaking to you. This whole thing is all untrue. In fact, what they are doing is quite dangerous. They are intimating that the Senegalese authorities are failing in their job…which is not the case at all.”

Officers at the Gambia’s State Intelligence Services told The Standard last evening that they do not have any information about Lady Zineb’s presence in Dakar.
Spokesman Inspector Conta said the Gambian police are not aware of the story and said he would contact the Banjul Interpol office, however did not return to us by the time we went to press.

The story about Lady Zineb’s presence in Dakar and purported meeting with Messrs Samba and Sarr was first reported by Sidi Sanneh and quickly went viral. It was picked up by papers in Senegal and The Gambia.
Reacting to the developments, a social commentator queried to The Standard last night: “Why is Sidi Sanneh… a man of his age and standing in our society, writing such unfounded things. This is the story that never was. It is sad and very troubling!”

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