14 clubs, others, threaten to boycott football league unless…


In it, the representatives said  the  clause  in the NSC Act used by the minister to suspend the GFF officials only empowers the body to act in that manner when the GFF ceased to exist as a national association which is the not case now.

They also argued that the GFF is the number one sport association in the country which has a national character and operates at both regional and national level as attested to by the ongoing leagues. In addition, they went on, the GFF has a functional secretariat where executive members meet and work frequently. 

“Based on the these facts, it is incorrect to suspend our leadership under Section 18.1 of the NSC Act, thus the decision is baseless and unjustifiable”, the letter stated.


However the team manager of Interior FC Police Superintendent Ansumana Kinteh whose club was among those who signed the resolution called The Standard before press time yesterday to say that he as manager of the club had nothing to do with the letter and its contents did not represent his or the club’s view.   The letter from the clubs and other reps is reproduced in full on the back page.


By Lamin Cham