2-day fisheries retreat starts today


By Baba Sillah

The Ministry of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly matters with other stakeholders will today convene at the Djembe Hotel for a two day retreat.
The purpose of the retreat according to the Ministry is to bring together stakeholders of the fisheries sector to discuss and brainstorm on issues that are affecting the development of the sector and seek solutions.
The sector, according to the ministry, has at some point undergone inappropriate reforms that have caused lots of difficulties for implementation.

The Ministry said it found it sacrosanct to organize a retreat where all the stakeholders of the sector will converge to discuss a way forward that will not only develop the sector but to make it robust and vibrant to the envy of other sectors operating in The Gambia.


The theme for the retreat is “Fisheries Sector and the Way Forward” and for the tenacity of national development and the development of the sector, the achievement of which will not only boost the economy of the country but also immensely increase the food and nutritional security of The Gambia coupled with improve livelihood for the Gambian populace.
Seventy-three participants are to take part in the event including the media within and outside the Greater Banjul Area.