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21-year-old Alhusainey needs urgent overseas treatment

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By Olimatou Coker

Alhusainey Manneh, a 21-year-old man needs urgent overseas treatment after his leg got broken 14 years ago and continues to get worse.

According to a medical report from Bafrow Medical Centre, Manneh has widespread bone malformation.

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Babucarr O Manneh, Alhusainey’s father, said his son fell at the playing ground at the age of 7 when he was a teacher in CRR.

“He has been suffering from this pain since 2004 and even after operation, his condition has deteriorated,” he said.

He described his son as a very vibrant and intelligent young man  who dreams of becoming an engineer.

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Since Alhusainey’s admission at GTTI, he couldn’t continue because mobility has been a challenge for him.

Babucarr called on the general public and philanthropists to help his son get overseas treatment in order to go back to school.

Amie Manneh, Alhusainey’s mother, said even after vising so many hospitals, her son’s condition keeps getting worse.

“As a mother, it really breaks my heart to see my son in such pain and suffering and I cannot do anything to help him,” she said.

Also speaking, Alhusainey

Alhusainey himself said he is passionate about engineering and urged for help to return pursuing his dreams.

If you want to help Alhusainey, contact: 5929456, 7651111, 3242965 or 6175021.

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