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‘3YJ have now proved they are politically motivated’

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By Omar Bah

Essa Dampha, a political aide to President Barrow has accused the 3 Years Jotna Group of proving to be exactly what many have suspected, a politically motivated movement with an ulterior motive against the Gambian leader.

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Dampha said this is clear from the interview Musa Koteh aka King Sport, the leader movement recently gave to The Standard in which he said President Barrow, as far as they are concerned, is not their president.

“The Three Years Jotna leader has proven beyond reasonable doubt that his movement has a personal grudge against President Barrow. They just dislike him for no good reason. If they were a genuine pressure group, they would have gone to court to challenge his decision not to step down as they demanded. What King Sport said is clear manifesto that the movement is politically motivated. They should stop crying like babies…This rhetoric seeking for attention will not take this country anywhere,” he said.
Dampha said the Gambian leader will cause the biggest shock ever in Gambian electoral history in 2021.

“All these political parties shouting here and there will be overwhelmingly beaten in 2021. Even if they come together, they will be beaten mercilessly. They will not even come close to him…I can assure you that.”

He said while the likes of 3YJ are busy criticising, the Gambian leader is focused on achieving his government’s targets.
Dampha said the 3YRS Jotna leader’s claims that President Adama Barrow is planning to register non-Gambians ahead of the 2021 presidential election “are utterly baseless.”
“The president has no power to decide who should be given a national document or not. That role is entirely in the hands of the right authorities dealing with issuing national documents,” he said.

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