4 killed in weekend car crashes


Confirming the accidents, the police spokesman David ASP Kujabi explained: “At about 4:25am on the 17th of May 2014, a BMW X6 with registration number plate ‘Mahmoud 1’ and driven by Mahmoud Bourgi, a Gambian-Lebanese, was coming from the Senegambia end towards Traffic Light junction just before Kotu Police station when he tried to overtake another BMW with registration number plate BJL 0983 being driven by Sajar Lowe. Mahmoud was apparently overspeeding when he hit Sajar’s car from the rear thereby losing control and moving to the other side of the road.

“Coincidentally, a Passat VW [SUV] with registration BJL 9503J and driven by Farimang Saidy was driving towards Senegambia blinded by the thick smoke and dust when he drove headlong into the side of the BMW X6. Both drivers died on the spot with Mahmoud’s vehicle catching fire burning him all over. His passenger, Christiana Sabrah, commonly known as Aisha was rescued from the wreckage but later died in the hospital. In a similar development, Ebrima Kassir who was a friend of Mahmoud’s was called by someone who came by the accident. Ebrima visited the scene and on his return home also lost control of his vehicle, crashed and died.”

The police PRO further admonished witnesses from unauthorised relaying of information at accident scenes which he said could lead to “unintended consequences” like the death of Ebrima Kassir who lost control owing to the shock of his friend’s death.


“It is quite alarming that road traffic crashes have become a common occurrence. Most of these are as a result of overspeeding, drink driving and lack of maintenance of vehicles. It is important that we drive safely, for the life we safe may be ours,” the police spokesman said.


By Sainey Darboe