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Experts applaud new trade policy


During a one-day sensitisation workshop held on May 14, at the Paradise Suites Hotel, officials said the new business registry policy will enhance conditions for improved trade activity within a unique business environment. The new Single Window Business Registry policy was established in 2013 with support from the World Bank and the International Development Association. 

Basirou Mahoney, solicitor general at the ministry of justice, said: “The Single Window Business Registry process is a component of the Growth Competitiveness Project. The project was launched in 2011 by government as a part of efforts to reform the business registry system. A memorandum of understanding was then signed by various ministries in collaboration with other partners to establish a single window to accommodate all businesses and have access to registration. 

“The improvement of the business environment has been in line with government’s development agenda through reformation. This is why public agencies have now delegated their roles to the single window business registry project.”

Mr Mahoney added that reforming the business environment has been forthcoming with the allocation of a unique identification number for all business enterprises. He explained: “The single window business registry policy follows a streamline process in which people can register their businesses within 24hours. Perfecting the system is still underway through government’s development agenda to reform the business registry setup. The project has started since February this year and the standardisation of the registration process through electronic means has started. This enables the ministry of Justice in the storage and allocation of data on business enterprises operating in the country.”

Also speaking, Dr Henry Carrol, chairman of the Single Window Business Registry committee said: “This sensitization workshop allows participants to understand the dos and don’ts of the business environment. Before the coming of the single window business registry project, many people found it hard to register their businesses but this now belongs to the past. It is a project that complements Ecowas convention on free movement of people and goods. It’s in line with a new political thinking to boost commerce within the country and the sub-region as a whole.”


By Lamin Njie


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