Rude drivers and loud music


Kindly give me room to dilate on a very important issue that is going on in our transportation system. This is seriously affecting a lot of passengers wittingly or unwittingly. The drivers of passenger cars, vans and mini-buses continuously play very loud music some of which are very inappropriate. 

This is really a big problem nowadays. Drivers in the business of commercial transportation must realise that they cannot be handling such businesses anyhow like their personal properties. I know for a fact that drivers do have rights but they should also respect and know passengers too have their rights. Not every passenger fancies music or even religious songs and or taped preaching. A lot of the passengers would rather have their peace and calm when commuting to work or heading out to do their various personal activities. Therefore, they need a clear mind at the start of the day to be able to go through the rest of the day. But to   torment them with those inappropriate, blaring, blasting music indiscriminately is not cool at all. Drivers need to pay heed and stop this type of behaviour for the convenience of their passengers.



Bala Saidykhan

Daily commuter




Let us respect time


Dear editor,


There is no gainsaying the fact that everything goes according to a plan. Time in our worldview comes as we have planned it and benefits derived from it depend largely on how effective we have put time into use. Europe and West achieved unprecedented industrial developments in the 17th and 18th centuries due to the respect and efficient optimisation of time. Often you get pretty offended by people from their: “time is expensive, don’t waste my time”, “stop wasting my time, I don’t have time”, I don’t have time for all these”, I am busy”, “time is money” and so forth. 

Intentionally we refuse to hear such but this is the hard truth. Time is our everyday worry and it waits for no one. Therefore time is hardly sufficient for anything. Time to a workaholic means results and success for national development. But for a lackadaisical and lethargic person like my good self, it is a whole lot of self-centredness, abuse and mismanagement knowingly or unknowingly.  

This has been proven both in the private and public sectors and is meant to engineer or stimulate rapid development in any societal setting. Ladies in particular seem to be in the lead when it comes to abusing valuable time. They usually arrive late at work and instead of worrying about that, they would take unnecessary permission to gallivant and loiter using official transport all around town in the name of buying breakfast. This is a lot of time wastage. And when they return to their offices, they would still continue to disrespect time by spending it on useless and indecipherable talks and chats. 

Let’s know that time is of the essence and it is too expensive to be wasted. Respect your work bearing in mind that you shall be judged about it by God on a day that must come. Have a good day.


Sana Beyai

Bakau New Town