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A nation of charlatans

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A nation of charlatans 

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Is the nation of kalantangs 

So not a nation of workers 

But a nation of jokers 

There, to be upright is to be brushed aside 

Bending backward is what takes one inside 

Is a nation of people without integrity 

For people are treated not with dignity 

There to be useless is to be useful 

As useful idiots are always in the handful 

Is a nation with no regards for humanity 

For all that matters is vanity 

Institutions are manned by clowns 

As imbeciles take charge in towns 

Service delivery is suboptimal 

As comic theatricals are at maximal 

Is a nation defined by economic stagnation 

So the citizens are always fury with indignation 

Merrymaking becomes the essence of the nation 

As making effort for progress is not given the due attention 

Is a nation without social security 

As in the dealings of the citizens there is no sincerity 

Religion is pushed to the back stage 

As buffoonery is given center stage 

Being a nation of comical fanatics 

The citizens are all but full of antics.


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