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Anonymity and privacy are dead

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With the advancement in technology in the 21st Century, anonymity and privacy are dead. It is becoming harder – some will argue, impossible – to hide anything for long. No one can hope to continuously remain a private individual or do something anonymously for long.


There are whistleblowers all over the world who will go to every length to reveal the identities of people and their secrets just for the fun of it. There are those who believe that information should be readily available to all and that nothing in today’s world should remain hidden. That is why one sees hackers, pirates and anarchist all over the world.

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Many governments around the world have learnt the hard way that there is no way they can hide information forever from these hackers and pirates and anarchists. So, they have come up with a way of being seen to be ‘transparent’ by getting ahead of these people and revealing chosen portions of information so as to have the ability to ‘control the narrative’.


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Thus, any government that fails to take this advantage and wants to adamantly hold on to information will have this information revealed from another source and will be left with eggs broken all over its face. In such a situation, they may not even have a face saving opportunity. If they do, they may end up losing the trust they had from the public.

Remember, anonymity and privacy are dead!

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