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Another Basse Area Council revenue collector alleges finance director took money from him

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By Aminata S Kuyateh

Mamudou Suso a revenue collector at the Basse Area Council yesterday alleged before the local government commission that the staff of the council had at one time gone without salary for three months due to massive corruption and mismanagement.

He explained that he covers 48 villages.

On his encounter with Finance Director Lamin Suso, the witness said he one day came from collection and received a call from Director Suso asking him to come to the office because they have something to sort out.

β€œHe requested the money I collected and I gave it to him because he was my boss,” the witness said.

The witness said the amount involved was D12,000 and the Establishment Committee of the council had summoned him to a meeting inquiring about the money he gave to the director of finance and asked recover it.

β€œI pinned him and told him it is either you give me the money or else you won’t move an inch out of your office,” the witness said adding that the director gave him D6,000 with the promise that he will repay the remainder.

The witness said Finance Director Suso acknowledged receipt of the money he received from him and had apologised to him and other revenue collectors for collecting monies from them.

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